Why Diamonds Cost so Much ?

There’s nothing more lovely than a shining diamond, particularly when it’s utilized to make a stunning bit of gems. This magnificence frequently comes at a precarious cost, however. For what reason are diamonds so costly? There are a few unique factors that drive the cost of diamonds up, including:

  • Irregularity
  • Mining Difficulties
  • Solidness


When all is said in done, diamonds are not fantastically uncommon. In any case, the top notch diamonds that are utilized in the adornments world are uncommon. It’s assessed that lone 30% of the diamonds that are mined the world over are jewel quality. The uncommonness of these diamonds makes them increasingly important, which is one reason why they are costly.

Mining Difficulties

Diamonds normally structure in the high weight, hot condition far below the Earth’s surface. Separating these diamonds from the Earth isn’t simple.

Mining includes the utilization of substantial hardware, pressure driven scoops, trucks, and other costly gear that is hard to work. This gear is utilized to move mineral to the surface, where the diamonds are at long last separated.

After a diamond is removed, a diamond shaper must shape and clean it to guarantee it is prepared available to be purchased. Mining, cutting, and cleaning diamonds is a difficult, work concentrated procedure. The multifaceted nature of this procedure without a doubt expands the cost of diamonds.


The diamond is positioned as a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which is utilized to gauge the quality and solidness of a gemstone. This high score shows that the diamond is probably the hardest mineral on the planet. It is almost difficult to start to expose a diamond and very hard to break or split it also.

This amazing sturdiness is one of the numerous attributes that separates a diamond from different gemstones. It’s likewise one of the components that builds a diamond’s cost. Diamonds will last any longer than other progressively sensitive gemstones, so they are increasingly important.

The amount Does A Diamond Cost?

The facts demonstrate that diamonds are costly, yet the expense of a diamond can differ from stone-to-stone. A portion of the variables that influence the expense of a diamond include:

Cut: A diamond’s sliced alludes to its evenness, extents, and aspect plan. A diamond with an excellent cut will have an extraordinary shimmer.

Shading: A shading grade is utilized to gauge the absence of shading found in a white diamond. The most costly diamonds are drab, which implies there are no traces of yellow-dark colored in the stone.

Clearness: The expression “lucidity” alludes to the nearness of considerations and flaws. Immaculate diamonds are extraordinarily uncommon and truly significant.

Carat: The carat is a proportion of a diamond’s weight. Heavier diamonds are bigger than lighter diamonds and in this way increasingly costly.

Each diamond is one of a kind. For instance, the normal expense of a one-carat diamond will fall between $2,700-$5,500. Where a one-carat diamond falls in this range will depend mostly on its cut, shading, clearness, and carat.

Remember this on the off chance that you are shopping on a spending limit. For example, if shading isn’t critical to you, remain inside your value run by picking a diamond with a somewhat lower shading grade.

The Most Expensive Diamonds in the World

The diamonds that are found in most gems stones can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, yet there are likewise diamonds that are worth millions. Here’s a glance at the absolute most costly diamonds on the planet:

Cullinan I and Cullinan II: These two diamonds, which are 530.2 and 317.4 carats separately, were cut from the equivalent 3,106-carat diamond. The nine diamonds that were cut from this monstrous diamond are aggregately worth billions of dollars.

Centennial Diamond: This 599-carat faultless diamond was chopped down to 273.85 carats not long after being found. The careful worth is obscure, yet it has been protected for $100 million.

Expectation Diamond: The 45.52-carat Hope Diamond was skilled to the Smithsonian Museum by Harry Winston. Its evaluated worth is $200 million.

The Regent Diamond: This 140.64-carat pad cut diamond is in plain view at the Louver Museum in Paris, France. It is accepted to be worth about $61 million.

These diamonds are extraordinarily costly, however luckily, most diamonds won’t set you back millions or billions of dollars.

Lovely Diamonds Are Priceless

There’s no uncertainty that diamonds are costly, yet some are undeniably more moderate than others. Subsequently, there’s no compelling reason to avoid diamonds just on the grounds that you are working with a little spending plan. You will experience no difficulty finding a shocking diamond that is well inside your value extend!

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